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8th January 2001, Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary, just outside Brisbane (State of Queensland), Australia.
It is the world's biggest koala reserve (around 130 koalas and growing).

Let me introduce this pretty girl : Charlotte the koala.

29th December 2000, Blue Mountains National Park, South of Sydney (State of Victoria), Australia.
Feeding biscuits to wild cockatoos, which are all over the place in Oz.
Humm... That was before the Park Ranger arrived and explained it was strictly forbidden... Sorry!

31st December 2001, Sea World, Surfers' Paradise, Gold Coast, Australia.
Swimming and playing ball for 45 minutes in a lagoon with 4 year old pink-bellied dolphin Haley.
I fed her some awfully smelly fish which she particularly seemed to enjoy,
I stroked her amazing rubber skin and made sign language for her to do things.
For instance, when you lift both your second fingers up, she makes noises. If you clap, then she claps with her tail.
If you wave goodbye, she starts swimming sideways with her fin up in the air and she waves. And so on.
I put on a mask and followed her underwater. I can't begin to tell you how fantastic this all was.


8th January 2001, Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary also has a kangaroo reserve with some big lazy roos
that you can cuddle and feed.

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